altTraining Structure

The Wilderness Education Association (WEA) supports the following levels of Outdoor Education instruction:


The goal of the Outdoor Leader Certificate Course is to expose students to the educational components and related terms and to provide introductory training in the outdoor skills inherent to the educational components.


You are a professional instructor or guide, and you make your living in the industry. You might work at a university, a guiding company, or a wilderness therapy camp, or you might serve as program director at a summer camp. You might also be a high-level recreational leader, such as a scoutmaster or church group leader, who regularly takes out novices to whom you want to impart a love of the wilderness and a sense of personal responsibility to the outdoors.

As a Certified Outdoor Educator, you can teach for a WEA-accredited organization or any organization. You can teach the WEA outdoor leader certificate course while working with a WEA organization. You can also work to become a certifying examiner.



Obtaining CE status means that you have demonstrated a high level of mastery of the six educational components, demonstrated through various work or apprentice experiences. You can use formal assessment and evaluation strategies to teach the COE course through a WEA-accredited program. Prerequisite: Outdoor Educator Certification.

The Certification Manual is undergoing revision. If interested contact the National Office.