Outdoor Enthusiast
(Currently under revision and unavailable. Contact National Office with questions.)

Outdoor Enthusiasts are new to the outdoors and would like some tips and tricks about being comfortable and safe in the outdoors.

What does the training program look like?

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts attend a ½ - 1 day WEA Enthusiast outreach seminar.

What can I do with this certificate?

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts have been shown some basics, so they should start exploring the outdoors.

How am I assessed?

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts participate in hands-on activities during the seminar.

What’s the next step in my professional development?

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts should get additional experience in the outdoors. They may enroll in a WEA Outdoor Leader course, or just go out with friends on the weekend. Either way, Outdoor Enthusiasts are ready to have safe, fun outdoor experiences.

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