2017 PAUL Talks

In 2017, at the 40th Anniversary Celebration conference, WEA introduced "Paul Talks" pallet of presentation options. These talks took a page from the popular and now prevalent short-form presentations or “talks”. The goal of these talks was to challenge the audience and the presenter. With only 16 minutes to convey a message, demonstrate a skill or start a dialogue, presenters had to be well-prepared and prioritize material. We encouraged speakers to present the way they talk and abandon the formality and language of other presentations. Be honest, share emotion, and avoid a written script. Engagement from the audience was key as ultimately, these talks should generate conversations about our organization, our field, our citizenry, and the future of outdoor education and leadership. For those of you that could not be with us at the 2017 conference, we wanted to make these talks available to you.

Please click on the following links to go to a YouTube video of the presentation. Please check back as other talks are uploaded.

Literacy Through Experiential Learning: Can Citizen Science Enhance Science Understanding by Zoe Nelson

The More Than Human World by Eleanor Babcock