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Welcome!  We are excited that you want to be a member of the Wilderness Education Association (WEA) and if you are a returning member, thank you for your continued support. Since 1977 when the WEA was founded, the association has pursued the vision of developing an educational organization that would train leaders in the skills and good judgments necessary to lead and teach the public in the proper use of wilderness areas.  The WEA exists to put practitioners and laypersons together based on this shared passion and for the purpose of equipping outdoor leaders for their work. The WEA network spans across 45 countries and a variety of different professions within the outdoor industry.  To support the WEA at this time is to invest in the future of outdoor education as an industry, a professional and as a catalyst for the stewardship of the use of wilderness for educational and recreational purposes. 

Levels of Membership

Associate ($20/year)

Members at this level are able to stay current with all activities within the association.  Many retired friends, supporters of the WEA, and aspiring students/professionals not certified as an Outdoor Leader or Outdoor Educator begin or maintain their involvement with the WEA at this level.  As an Associate member, you can learn about the WEA, contribute to committee work and explore progression through the levels by attending workshops, participating in an Outdoor Leader certificate course or beginning the Outdoor Educator Program.

Leader ($50/year)

This level of WEA membership is for para-professional (sometimes professional) or committed outdoor recreationists. This level of membership includes students, participants who have completed the Outdoor Leader (OL) program or are currently working towards their Outdoor Educator certification. 

Professional ($120/year)

Members at this level are current WEA Certified Outdoor Educators (COE) and/or industry professionals

Organizational Member ($250/year)

Organizational members are organizations that currently are or plan to host Outdoor Leadership Training Courses (OLTC) or are a WEA accrediting organization. Organizational members can host an Outdoor Leadership Training Course provided their Host Application is approved and they sign the WEA Outdoor Leadership Training Course Agreement.  If you are an accredited organization, the organization must also pay the 'accredited organization fee' in the add-on section below.


IROEL Membership ($30/year)

After you select a membership level you will have the option to add a one-year membership with the IROEL (International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders) for $30. If you are new to the IROEL, the national office will issue you a username and password via e-mail. If you are currently a member and want to add IROEL you can do so on your renewal form or by calling the National Office 740-607-9759.

Accredited Organization Fee ($400/year)

The accredited organization fee is for organizational members that received accreditation. Organizations must be organizational members and pay an additional $400 for accreditation.  This fee provides additional benefits to accredited organizations and funds that will support the organization through the self-study and site review processes.   

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