HoneyRock: A Legacy of Wilderness Programming

HoneyRock recently celebrated 50 years of Wheaton Passage, one of the longest standing and most successful Outdoor Orientation Programs in the nation for incoming freshmen. Nearly half of incoming freshmen participate in one of three tracts. Within those three tracts, twelve wilderness trips take 120 Wheaton College students and leaders nine days into the most premier wilderness areas in our region.

One distinctive of our camp is that all of our camper programs feature some sort of backcountry camping experience. From a single overnight for our youngest campers, and up to fourteen-day wilderness experiences for our older campers, we have embraced wilderness as a pivotal tool for community building, leadership development, purposeful challenge, and experiencing the “awe” of creation.

Ken Kalisch, author of the classic outdoor leadership book, The Role of the Instructor in the Outward Bound Educational Process, was a wilderness visionary at HoneyRock for 30 years. Today, amidst the challenges of our current culture, we have stayed committed to our legacy and the innate value of the wilderness experience. We aim to lead the way in wilderness programming in the Christian camping movement.

Our wilderness leadership internship- S.A.L.T. (School of Adventure Leadership Training), recently adopted the WEA 6 + 1 curriculum and the C.O.L. certification as key components of our staff training.