Conference groupVolunteering time to support the annual conference can be a phenomenal way to contribute and expand your skills, knowledge, and networks. Volunteering also allows you to make a lasting and meaningful impact. Among other things, volunteers:
  • Articulate common values and collaborate to advance the profession;
  • Get access to training and development opportunities;
  • Enhance their experience and resumes;
  • Strengthen their community and networks; and
  • Connect and network with other like-minded people.

There are several ways to help. You can join a Conference Planning Team, working before the event begins, or you can contribute on-location, facilitating tasks during the days of the conference with Service Crew. All interested should Apply now!

2020 Conference Service Crew

Photo of Service CrewBe a part of the conference by joining a dedicated group of volunteers on the Service Crew. In exchange for your time and effort, Service Crew members earn a partial refund on their conference registration fee based on the amount of time they serve. Service Crew tasks may include supporting on-site registration, running the merchandise table, providing information booth staffing, set-up and tear-down, as well as various other administrative and logistical jobs. Help make our conference a success and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Requirements and Benefits

Are you currently pursuing a career in the outdoor leadership industry? Be a part of the conference by joining the dedicated group of volunteers on the Service Crew. In exchange for your time and effort, earn a 30 - 50% refund on your conference registration fee based on the amount of time you serve.

  • 10 hours = 30%
  • 15 hours = 40%
  • 20 hours = 50%

There are openings for 4 volunteers on Service Crew. Applications will be processed and applicants notified of their acceptance to Service Crew on a rolling basis. Questions can be emailed to [email protected].

2020 Conference Planning Teams

In the past, the WEA Board of Directors has planned the Annual Conference with the assistance of a local host committee. This year we have gathered a leadership team comprised of volunteers living and working throughout the United States to plan the 2020 conference. It is our hope that this team better utilizes our historical roots and diverse modern community. 

This opens the door to each and every WEA member who is interested in the planning and implementation of the largest and most visible program of our association to serve as part of the conference committees.

Leadership Team

Planning for the 2020 WEA National Conference will be guided by a core Leadership Team that will support various aspects of the 2020 conference. Each Leadership team member gathers a group of volunteers to support four planning categories: Education and Professional Development; Vendor Relations; Marketing and Communications; and Hospitality.

  • Team: Will Hobbs, Sarah Schneider, Kevin Sutton, Danny Dychkowski and the Host Team co-chairs

  • Advisory: Emily McKenzie, President of the Board, and the WEA National Office Administrator, currently vacant

  • Charge: To provide an overall strategy for the conference and to execute major event logistics.

You can learn more about the four planning project areas below. 

Education and Professional Development, Team Lead: Will HobbsWill Hobbs, MSUB

Identifying and vetting the content of the conference and ensuring that creative and innovative content delivery is the norm. Presentation content, format, group sessions, any pre-conference, international, research sessions, career development tasks, identify keynote(s), handle presenters, etc. Additionally, this group will develop evaluation and assessment tools to use throughout and after the conference events.

Looking for volunteers: to review proposals and place sessions to schedule, to identify keynote speaker(s)

Vendor Relations, Team Lead: Kevin SuttonKevin Sutton

This group is charged with creating quality, well-attended, and beneficial (for attendees and vendors) exhibit hall experience including overseeing sales of exhibit hall space, designing exhibit hall experience, serving as liaisons with vendors, recruiting donors for auction items, and completing post-conference follow-up. This group will also oversee the fundraising auction.

Looking for volunteers: to contact vendors, track donations, set up the auction, manage records of donations, bids, and purchases.

Marketing and Communications, Team Lead: Danny Dychkowski Danny

To ensure a Conference that is well-publicized, professionally packaged, and widely seen in the industry. The overall Conference should be relevant, accessible, and highly anticipated. This group includes influencers, graphic designers, and salespeople. They will work to refine the theme and branding for the conference, as well as identify and recruit sponsors, develop marketing strategies for digital and print media, and implementing a strategy to broadcast the event.

Looking for volunteers: to serve as a social media team, to recruit conference and event sponsors, to assist in graphic design, who are influencers, and to acquire photographs and video content.

Hospitality, Team Lead: Sarah SchneiderSarah Schneider

To ensure that the on-site experience is accessible, fluid, welcoming, and simple. This group works to create the overall atmosphere and culture of the conference within the theme, as well as maintaining and spreading the WEA conference culture and traditions, including Awards and the Banquet. Tasks including volunteer and service crew management, registration, transportation, special events, and socials, ensuring supplies and materials are in place, receive and follow-up with donations (thank yous), function as overall on-site host of the conference.

Looking for volunteers: to manage on-site volunteers, to supervise the registration table, to host the socials, to host educational sessions, to serve as Logistics Specialists and to work with the Service Crew, and to consider DEI issues.

Serving on the 2020 WEA Conference Planning Teams requires a commitment to:

  • Volunteer the necessary time to make a difference (which will vary per role).
    • Planning Team co-chairs will meet once every other week with the Leadership Team (30-60 minutes).
    • Planning Team project leads will meet once a month with the Planning Team.
    • Additional meetings/work time may be needed in between scheduled meetings.
    • Regular review/response to electronic communication.
  • Engage in purposeful conversation and the tasks to be accomplished.
  • The mission of WEA to advance the field of outdoor education and leadership.

How to Apply

Anyone interested in volunteering can get information on all our opportunities on our Service Opportunities page. Click on the link to complete your application. A Conference Team Leader will contact you regarding your interest after reviewing your application.

To indicate your interest or to learn more about the available positions and specific time commitments involved, please email the Conference committee at [email protected].