Working Committees

The working committees, under the guidance of the committee chairs selected by the Board of Trustees, execute the strategic plan of the Association. The Board of Trustees hands projects down to the committees at which point the working committees plan, gather data, and complete each task. The committees then hand their work back to the board for approval or recommendations. From there the board moves it forward or hands it back with recommendations. Using this strategy ensures that the membership is able to take part in the implementation of the strategic plan.

The committees are as follows:


To develop and conduct oversight of evidence-based curriculum that enhances professional preparation.


  • Maintain and review student-learning outcomes,
  • Review and highlight best practices in assessment methods used by the WEA organizational members.
  • Work with the Commission on Outdoor Education and Leadership to ensure quality control of student learning outcomes.

Special Events

To plan special events in conjunction with the National Office and the Promotions Committee.


  • Manage the awards process and ceremony.
  • Review the scholarship selection criteria and process, review applications and recommend recipients to the BOT.
  • Plan events such as keynote address, symposiums, evening socials, and other events prescribed by the National Office.
  • Recruit Service Crew Manager, and supervise service crew application and management.
  • Develop alliances with like-minded organization for cooperative colloquia.


To design and execute essential promotions for the association in order to increase visibility and membership.


  • Promote, recruit, and manage professional colloquia.
  • Secure sponsorships for key components of colloquia
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements for communication throughout the association including website and social media.

Research & Publications

To promote and support scholarly endeavors of importance to the professionalism of outdoor education and leadership.


  • Work with Curriculum Committee to further the validity of outdoor leadership educational practice by providing evidence-based resources.
  • Manage internal and partnered publications. (JOREL)
  • Manage and host the Outdoor Leadership Research Symposium.


To ensure that Association business and priorities are properly carried out.


  • Act as the creators, editors, and work disseminators of the strategic plan.
  • Communicate as necessary with Executive director regarding day-to-day functions of the association.
  • Run all meetings in accordance to the WEA bylaws.
  • Run the BOT election in accordance with the WEA Bylaws.
  • Develop and maintain mentorship opportunities for membership growth.

Presidential Council

Catalog the history of the Wilderness Education Association to maintain organizational memory. Explain in as much detail as appropriate and practical; the central concept, themes, and decisions that have shaped the Wilderness Education Association. The Presidential Council will also act as a resource to the current President in times of needed counsel.


In order to be a part of this elite counsel of association members you must be current in your membership dues and have served as the president of the Wilderness Education Association or have received the Frank Lupton Service Award. Members of the counsel may serve as long as they would like and in whatever capacity they are comfortable.